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Sotto Shows True Color

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SENATE President Vicente Sotto III is still a dumb clown, after all.

Just when we thought that his decades-long stint in Senate had already changed him from his nonsense and comical ways, to a more pragmatic and sensible person, sadly we were wrong.

He painted himself in the corner after he adamantly refused to support Sen. Risa Hontiveros’ call for a full-blown probe on the questionable construction of P 9 –B sports facility at New Clark City that was used in the 2019 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games (Note: Please see our main story).

His reason that our athletes brought honors to the country by winning the overall medal race ,thus, there was no more reason for the Senate inquiry, certainly smacks of stupidity.


It’s a blessing that Sen. Manny Pacquiao is not a thief.

Otherwise, if we follow Sotto’s logic, Pacquiao could steal billions in government coffers and go unscathed.

Why? Because he brought tremendous honors to the country by winning eight world boxing championships along with other accolades as a prizefighter.

In fact, by refusing to support the probe because of his flimsy reason, Sotto was inadvertently telling our champion athletes that they could steal from the government and still go scot-free.


Officials like Sotto are essentially the reason why we need the likes of Hontiveros in the Senate.

It’s good that Hontiveros is doing her job in unmasking various anomalies such as the pastillas scheme at NAIA, and massive corruption at PhilHealth among others.

Sotto could learn something from her.

Senators should see beyond their noses and must always protect public interests over personal gains and partisan politics.


With his firm opposition on the anomalous P9-B New Clark City sports facility probe, Sotto just showed his true colors.

We don’t need politicians like him who could not rise to the challenge. In fact, he just kissed goodbye his 2022 presidential aspirations!


By the way, billionaire Elon Musk’s concern on the real agenda about the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic deserves serious attention from world leaders.

Musk tweeted on Friday that he had received conflicting coronavirus test results over the course of one day, saying that two of the tests came back negative, while the other two were positive.

He noted that the same tests were done by the same machine, and by the same nurse. “Something extremely bogus is going on,” he said.


Aside from fear that it instills to the public, Covid-19 has virtually paralyzed world economies.

Maybe, it’s about time that government leaders act decisively and review their health quarantine protocols and restore normalcy on our lives.

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