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Arnell Ignacio’s Flood Experience; Cainta Hub Submerged

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By Boy Villasanta | Published: November 16, 2020


It’s not only the neighborhood that was affected by the wrath of typhoons like Rolly and Ulysses.

Show people were also victims of the weather disturbances especially on the unpredictable paths recently taken by Ulysses (international name Vemco) that left numerous people, places and properties damaged.

One of showbiz denizen’s houses was submerged in floods in Cainta.

“First kong maranasan ang baha na ganito. Pumunta kasi ako sa bahay ko sa Cainta at doon ako naabutan ng baha. Pumasok sa bahay (It was my first time to experience a flood like this. I went to my house in Canita and I was caught by floods there. The water rushed in my house),” announced Arnell Ignacio in his radio show with Tuesday Niu and Bea Binene.

Arnell was able to get out of his abode the following day when the water level had subsided.


Other Celebrities, Too          

Here are other flood experiences and thoughts—real and virtual—of some showbiz people in various parts of Metro Manila.

William Martinez, actor: Ns (sic) 15inches deep na inside my home all terminal sockets are submerged amoy burnt wires!? I’m not going down to check anymore! By the way all terminal sockets are turned off already since this morning God BLESS.”

Richard Quan, actor: “Low battery…brownout… no water…stay safe everyone…”

Luis Pedron, organizer of the Manhattan International Film Festival in the US: “Praying for my brother Lou and Vicky in Brookside Cainta, the flood entered their house and in another house my nieces Abbi and Tintin in Cainta Rizal got flooded as well. I have other cousins and friends in the area as well. God bless everyone who got affected by this new typhoon in the Philippines. Prayer Protection Psalm 91.”

Dulce, singer: “Declaring Divine Protection for all our kababayans, I command you cyclone Ulysses, dissipate now!!! Be gone, in the mighty name of Jesus!!! Abba Father, You hold this earth at the palm of Your hand, You control the four winds, Oh God…Cover the Philippines, Lord.”

Yvonne Salcedo, singer and actress: “ATM! Here comes the flood again.”

Carmelita “Twinkle” Valdez, TV broadcaster: “Vista Verde, Cainta, Rizal 2pm 111220! Dear God, don’t allow the flood to increase, In Jesus’ name.”

Wendell Alvarez, movie reporter: It’s a tie…*ThisIsIt, 2009 Ondoy, now Ulysses. I evacuated from the neighbor so these are my shots…. my stuff is wet again. Will start again… You know!!!”

Ian Ignacio, actor: Exploding transformers everywhere. Power was out before the sun came up. Stay safe everyone.”

Roel Villacorta, movie writer: “The whole town of Cardo (in Nueva Ecija) is brownout. 5 days without electricity. Hassle.”

Emmanuel de la Cruz, filmmaker and visual artist: “Many trees fell. Including the bounganvilla at the gate, obstructing the way. A lot of burns fell or flew. Some boxes bumped into and flew so water entered the walls and floors. Water leak inside the house, living room and kitchen. Scooping up until morning. Good thing the rain weakened. Power outage and water. The water ran all over the compound. Dogs and signs safe, babies, young and old. Thank God! It’s like New Year when the electricity came back just last night. Crying because of joy. The family is complete, no disaster. So still happy. Just need to clean, repair and help others.”

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