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The Illusion Of Perfection

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By Amadeus Rex | Published: October 24, 2020


More, more, more. Many believe life to be a continous journey of self-improvement, one fueled by the motivation to strive for greater things and to simply have more.

While there is surely nothing wrong with this desire to improve or to increase in some part of life, a problem arises when one sets their expectations unrealistically high.

It is only healthy to believe that “you can do anything if you put your mind to it” when “anything” refers to goals that are sensible by one’s own limitations and how reasonably far such limitations can be pushed.


Innate Imperfection

Nobody is perfect. This is a fact of life everyone is simply forced to accept.

With this innate imperfection, everything we can ever seek to achieve or create will be either flawed or suboptimal in a sense.

Still, there are some of us who would like to come as close to perfection as possible, even if the efforts or work necessary to obtain that minuscule improvement far outweigh its necessity.

To provide an example: while the more meticulous of culinarians may be skilled in the art of finely proportioning their dishes’ ingredients, the only thing that should matter to someone simply preparing a meal at home (whether for family or any other loved one) would be that everyone who eats the meal is satisfied.

This is especially so if these sorts of meals are everyday preparations.

A special occasion might call for more effort, but such a thing is what it is—occasional.


Close To Perfect

The carinderia I eat at seems to not always be consistent with the proportions of the ingredients of their Bicol Express.

It once had more of a prominent coconut milk flavor, owing to a likely increase in this ingredient’s proportion.

This didn’t make it bad, as I had still enjoyed the dish. It was filling, and it tasted delicious. It did the two things it was made for, and that is what I believe had made it good.

Closeness to perfection is a luxury. It is understandable when one may seek it for specific occasions, such as the engagement in something important enough to warrant it.

However, it is unhealthy to seek it from everything one does on a regular basis, especially if the expected satisfaction would be too meager for all the effort exerted.


Best Efforts

I personally subscribe to the belief that good is better than perfect if it means getting the job done.

While excellence is an honorable pursuit, it must not be founded on the idea of perfection, but one must rather see it as striving to do what is necessary and to do it well enough.

Improvements can always be made over time, but it would give one more peace of mind allowing what is finished to be finished, accepting that they have done all they could with their best efforts.

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