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COVID And The Modern Man

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By Roy Moraleta | Published: October 22, 2020


The virulence of COVID-19 goes beyond limits. Its vicious effect has not only ended hundreds and even thousands of lives in just a span of eight months. It, too, has halted the economy of nations for a time, resulting to incredible upset even of advanced and developed countries – threatening even the profound and fundamental social makeup of these supposedly great people.

Nations like the proud United States would even be marred of their supposed affluence after its own distraught citizens by the hundreds would be caught in unbelievable display of savagery and intolerance known only in the backward countries in Africa, with all their mayhem and looting and unrestrained violence recently the world has seen.

The virus affected everyone on a global scale never before seen, even disturbing to great lengths the economic, social and cultural peripheries known to man.


More Stringent Now

As the obtaining virus continue to reel through the region, making its presence felt now up north in Samar and down South in Leyte with the recent leap of local cases in these areas as reported by the regional health office, rigid enforcement of “minimum” health standards would be unavoidable, often troublesome, of sorts.

The government is constrained to carry out, and often extend to great lengths these stringent protocols – insulting almost reason and mental capability of individuals showing maturity and readiness in dealing with the COVID-19.

Understandably, however, inflexible and even more rigid measures had to be done because mankind by nature could be fundamentally unruly and willfully obstinate if left alone abandoned – without a leader, without a king or a government to administer order.


Phenomenal Crisis

Ironically, the modern man can be potentially primeval of some sort, regressing especially in life-threatening situations, let alone crisis of phenomenal magnitude.

We have seen that happened before us almost eight years ago during the onslaught of Super typhoon Yolanda.

Calamities and their raging wrath chose no one. It could be and is, in fact, the great equalizer of men, even wrecking mankind to the level of the visceral.

Whatever the future holds for this world amidst the seeming protraction of this COVID-19 virus, God forbid I am just wrong in my supposition of the potential degeneration of the human civilizations.

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