We Take a Stand

By Ismael Amigo | Published: October 22, 2020


Retrenchments, salary cuts, underemployment, and unemployment are the new norm now under the new normal and telling of the crippling effects of COVID-19 pandemic.

Banks are told to waive or trim down interest rates while utility service providers like Meralco, Manila Water, and others were all advised by the national government to spread accumulated arrears into affordable monthly payments.

Amid the crippling effect of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy, the Duterte administration also admonished office and apartment owners to go easy on chasing rentals and to apply “mercy and compassion” to borrow a famous line of Pope Francis in asking rents.


No Compassion 

Unfortunately, all of the above ended last April 14 or right after the ECQ was lifted.

And that somehow saved the scalp of an abusive landlady here in Barangay San Antonio, City of Sto. Tomas, who shows no mercy nor an inch of compassion for her tenants who are still trying to cope with the effects of the pandemic on their sources of income or livelihoods.

Sometime last week (Oct. 16), the said landlady accordingly came over and pressed all of her six tenants to pay up PRONTO and settle their backlogs on monthly rents.


Locked Out

Nada. Not one of them was able to comply with her instant demands as she came without prior notice.

Lucky were those who were present during the feisty landlady’s fearsome “dramatic entrance” were able to at least appease her with promises to pay her when able or ASAP.

One tenant was left in the cold after the feisty landlady hammered the door of her rented unit and put new padlocks, effectively shutting her out with her belongings and all still inside.

The unfortunate tenant insists she still hasn’t used up her one-month advance, one-month deposit on the unit.

It was the height of the landlady’s arrogance.


Coercive Force

I just hope the aggrieved tenants fuse together into one cohesive force and file a “class suit” of sort with the local barangay court first and, who knows it could lead somewhere grander.

What we know is the city of Sto. Tomas nor the Barangay earns nothing from the feisty landlady’s apartment business as it issues no official receipts on rent payments according to them.

Tenants said her apartments lack the basic necessities, like water supply.

Yet, she is accordingly demanding an increase on their monthly rent starting next month.



CCW Election

Yours truly is flattered no end to be appointed adviser of a civic-oriented group, Citizen Crime Watch Sto. Tomas City-Poblacion chapter.

The CCW-STCP is made up of city hall employees and businessmen who owns assorted stalls in the public market.

I came over a little late last Thursday afternoon during the chapter’s first major gathering and immediately ushered in to impart some words, sort of acceptance speech of the task assigned to me so said Michael Ferrer of CCW provincial.

Congratulations are in order to pioneering CCW-STC Poblacion chapter president Emerson Escano so with Sammy Cruz and Ciso Mendoza who were elected external and internal vice presidents, respectively.

Local traffic enforcer Lolita N. Narsoles was chosen chapter secretary.

The crime watchers’ group also elected two treasurers in the person of Alex Magbitag and Eric Penea.

Elected auditors are Edgar Maniaga and Melvin Apura.

A massive fist bump to all of you guys.


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