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Obtaining God’s Healing Miracle

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By Bob Acebedo | Published: October 17, 2020


Let me share this satisfying story of God’s healing miracle – the story of Reesa (not her real name), an officemate of mine. I’ve heard a lot of stories about miracle healing, but witnessing Reesa’s healing journey struck a different note for me.

Reesa used to be the non-mediocre type of person. Having risen from the ranks into her present supervisory position, she is a go-getter and possesses a quite aggressive personality. She has had a share of being embroiled at times in office politics or squabbles.


Surrendered To Him

But not until November 9 of 2018, when she was initially diagnosed via mammography test with BIRADS (Breast Imaging Reporting And Data System) category #4.b, which is “moderate suspicion for malignancy” of   breast cancer.

Seeking further confirmation, Reesa underwent three ensuing US (breast ultrasound) tests, and the results got even worse: BIRADS #5, which is “highly suggestive for malignancy” or 95 percent probability of malignancy.

She was thus advised to undergo mastectomy (breast removal surgery) which was slated December 17 of 2018.

Meanwhile, seemingly unfazed despite her cancer diagnosis, Reesa continued reporting to work until December 14, 2018.

“I cannot deny that I was grossly disturbed. But right after I got my diagnosis I readily surrendered everything to God and yet tried to live a normal life,” Reesa recalls.


‘Terminal’ Instructions

Then on December 16 of 2018, the day before her scheduled mastectomy, she was admitted to the hospital.

At 11:30 in the evening, the nurse told her that her “last” intake of food and water was at 12 midnight and her “last” bath at 4:30 in the morning – all set for her mastectomy at 10 am the following day.

After hearing the nurse’s seemingly “terminal” instructions, Reesa felt it was her darkest hour and muttered a prayer, “Panginoon, kung kukunin mo na po ako, nakahanda po ako. Pero kung hindi pa, ipakita n’yo po sa akin kung ano pa po ang gusto n’yong gawin ko sa buhay ko, at gabayan n’yo po ako para magampanan ko yun.”

At around 9 in the morning, she was brought to the operating room, and in barely 2 minutes after her anesthetic injection, she drifted into unconsciousness … and the rest is God’s healing grace.

She was discharged from the hospital on December 21, barely four days after her operation.



The good news came on December 26, 2018 when her post-surgery findings revealed that out of 16 lymph nodes that were removed, only one sentinel lymph node was found to be of “very good prognosis of stage 2.a, with adequate treatment.”

Still, upon the doctor’s recommendation, she underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy from January to April 2019.

And finally, in February of this year, Reesa’s ultrasound and laboratory tests all indicated NEGATIVE for cancer.


Courage To Let Go

Curiously, for me, what makes Reesa’s experience quite extraordinary is her “readiness” to surrender herself and everything into the hands of God. She was ready to let go and give up everything except God.

Inarguably, it takes immense courage and faith for one in dire terminal condition to let go of anything beholden to him or her – wealth, fame, power, career, friends, family, or one’s own life – and let God take over.

I am thus tempted to think that one reason why people do not successfully heal is their difficulty in “letting go”.


God’s Total Healing

From Reesa’s healing journey, I am but induced to draw some insights or “requisite truths” on “how to win God’s healing mercy”.

Firstly, for one to be healed is all on God’s all-powerful and all-loving will. It all depends on God. But we must be willing too in accomplishing our part: our unconditional faith.

St. Augustine aptly said: “Deus qui creavit te sine te, non salvabit te sine te.” God who created you without you, cannot save you without you. While it is true that God did not get our consent when he created us into this world, but when it comes to our salvation or healing God will need our consent, our faith, our “yes”. God cannot save us unless we want ourselves to be saved.

Secondly, when God heals, it is “total” healing – physical and spiritual. God heals not only our body but also our soul. That’s why, God is called the “total physician”. It must be noted that whenever Jesus went about healing the sick, he would always complement it with “forgiving their sins”.

And lastly, God’s “total” healing likewise calls for radical transformation on our part. It is an authentic turning away from our sinful ways and embracing a completely new life in and with God – in thought, word, and deed.

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