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Never Before Seen

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By Roy Moraleta | Published: October 15, 2020


It will be an event unprecedented.

Exceptional and certainly more spectacular than the obtaining COVID-19 pandemic, what is about to come is something that will stun the entire world. Since it will hit big time on all the media platforms far and wide – likely a coverage biggest than ever — all eyes will be fixed in complete astonishment on the unfolding moment.

The modern world will be caught in a big surprise. Never had seen it coming nor would have willingly perceived on given the chance.

The modern man’s sophisticated incredulity and political correctness will shun any possibility for it to foresaw such an occasion.

In fact, any form of forewarning told – the world will just dismiss it as inconsequential and irrelevant.


Out Of This World?

Indeed, having mistaken it an out-of-this-world hunch – a grotesquely unbelievable claim which defies the human logic and sophistication of science – the whole world will be caught yet again in even greater disbelief, taken aback and astounded.

No. The event is not religious nor the heralding made preceding and about it was, nor should be.

Albeit supernatural and of higher plane, it will be an event so perceptible to the natural eye.

As confounding as it may seem to human nature, which by the way is bound effectively to its limits, which is why mankind is unperceptive to things and dimensions of the unnatural, this time the event will break loose that natural limits.

It will be a meeting of the natural and the unnatural, the normal and the abnormal. It will be the greatest anomaly the world’s brilliant minds have failed to consider.


Imminent Event

Yes. Not even in the widest and unrestrained latitude their probing minds have had were able to speculate and entertain such a possibility. Never. Not in the wildest examinations their thoughts have possibly tried on in a deeply profound searching.

After all, anything abnormal to the advanced mind is just intolerable.

The event is forthcoming yet undetermined as to the exactness of its definite date of occurrence.

A great many minds in not so distant times have in futility predicted in mathematical brilliance dates and times, but failing time and again miserably just the same.

Except for “signs” and indications clearly told by its heralds and messengers, nothing of exact mathematical formula could decipher the appointed date of the imminent event.

“For no one knows, not even the angels up on high.

But while its imminence is identifiable by the “wise” and “discerning” through all the indications its proclaimers have unapologetically told many times over from generations to generations, hence, the seeming extended delay no doubt will shroud effectively the certainty of its claim.

The indefinite passing of time will just make the skeptics become more stubbornly undiscerning.


Worth Anticipating

Except for the seeming indefiniteness of its timetable, the certainty of the claim is sure and far from being ambiguous.

In fact, if there be any precedence to it, that would be during when the claim was made and powerfully demonstrated.  

I am talking no less than the Second Coming of Jesus Christ – his physical and glorious appearance in the clouds as he descends from heaven on high.

A forthcoming event the world had never before seen and never before experienced; never saw coming, never thought will and never worth anticipating.

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