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Studies Show 98 Lingering Symptoms of COVID-19

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By Gwenn Canlas | Published: October 11, 2020


Having escaped the worst, the growing number of people who contracted COVID-19 and have continued to have symptoms for more than 100 days – even though tests reveal no virus left in the body —  they nevertheless continue to struggle.

Recovery from COVID-19 is posing a new set of challenges for patients and physicians alike.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a national public health institute in the United States, “COVID-19 patients report a wide range of symptoms across a spectrum of illness severity.”

There is so much we don’t know, with the lingering and “long hauler” symptoms emerging as an ongoing battle.

The COVID-19 “Long-Hauler” Symptoms Survey Report, a survey conducted by Dr. Natalie Lambert of Indiana University School of Medicine and Survivor Corps, the largest grassroots movement in America and one of the most active and robust COVID-19 data sets and research tools in the world, identified 98 long-lasting symptoms.

Last week, I listed the top 14 Long-Hauler symptoms.

Now here is a complete list of these symptoms:


98         Syncope

97         Bilateral Neck Throbbing Around Lymph Nodes

96         Elevated Thyroid

95         Anemia

94         Herpes, EBV, or Trigeminal Neuralgia

93         GERD With Excessive Salivation

92         Personality Change (Drastic)

91         Thrush

90         Hormone Imbalances

89         UTI

88         Kidney Issues or Protein in Urine

87         Dry Scalp or Dandruff

86         Low Blood Pressure

85         COVID Toes

84         Eye Stye or Infection

83         Foot Pain

82         Goiter or Lump in Throat

81         Cracked or Dry Lips

80         Cold Burning Feeling in Lungs

79         Low Blood Oxygen

78         Arrhythmia

77         Jaw Pain

76         Painful Scalp

75         Burning Sensations

74         Mid-Back Pain at Base of Ribs

73         Abnormally Low Temperature

72         Bulging Veins

71         Hand or Wrist Pain

70         Costochondritis

69         Spikes in Blood Pressure

68         Kidney Pain

67         Brain Pressure

66         Swollen Lymph Nodes

65         Extreme Pressure at Base of Head or Occipital Nerve

64         Feeling of Burning Skin

63         Bone Aches in Extremities

62         Phantom Smells

61         “Hot” Blood Rush

60         Chills But No Fever

59         Neck Muscle Pain

58         Mouth Sores or Sore Tongue

57         Heat Intolerance

56         Swollen Hands or Feet

55         Dry or Peeling Skin

54         High Blood Pressure

53         Dry Throat

52         Post-Nasal Drip

51         Weight Loss

50         Feeling Irritable

49         Muscle Twitching

48         Confusion

47         Sharp or Sudden Chest Pain

46         Changed Sense of Taste

45         Tinnitus or Humming in Ears

44         Nerve Sensations

43         Constant Thirst

42         Rash

41         Floaters or Flashes of Light in Vision

40         Upper Back Pain

39         Sleeping More Than Normal

38         Tremors or Shakiness

37         Calf Cramps

36         Dry Eyes

35         Clogged Ears

34         Weight Gain

33         Nausea or Vomiting

32         Shortness of Breath or Exhaustion From Bending Over

31         Lower Back Pain

30         Abdominal Pain

29         Phlegm in Back of Throat

28         Partial or Complete Loss of Sense of Taste

27         Changing Symptoms

26         Reflux or Heartburn

25         Neuropathy in Feet and Hands

24         Sadness

23         Congested or Runny Nose

22         Blurry Vision

21         Hair Loss

20         Fever or Chills

19         Tachycardia

18         Partial or Complete Loss of Sense of Smell

17         Night Sweats

16         Sore Throat

15         Diarrhea

14         Heart Palpitations

13         Joint Pain

12         Cough

11         Persistent Chest Pain or Pressure

10         Dizziness

9            Memory Problems

8            Anxiety

7            Difficulty Sleeping

6            Headache

5            Inability to Exercise or Be Active

4            Difficulty Concentrating or Focusing

3            Shortness of Breath or Difficulty Breathing

2            Muscle or Body Aches

1            Fatigue


With every passing day, thousands of people across the globe are getting infected with COVID-19.

The vast majority will survive but we need a post COVID care program to address the issues of COVID-19 aftercare – with comprehensive and coordinated treatment pathways.

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