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Playing God And Other Questions On Tacloban QR Code Pitch

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Does the city government of Tacloban, or other local government unit for that matter, possess extensive juridical powers to compel all non-residents — and own constituents — going to the city to do business to give their private profile to get a digitally-coded card.

This is called QR or quick response code card with one’s name, address, phone numbers, facial features (in photo capture), and physical or health condition.

Is this even sanctioned by the Inter Agency Task Force for COVID-19?

Under what provisions of law, or city ordinance, this measure warrants “lawful” imposition?

Is it lawful? Would it not be unlawful for the city government to deny entry of other Filipinos at Tacloban borders if they do not wish to give personal information “for reasons of privacy and personal protection”? Would they be criminally liable?

What act of felony could be attributed to a non-Taclobans who choose not to comply?

Is this QR code registration not placing anyone in jeopardy? What if the central server securing these data gets compromised?

Does this COVID-19 scare justify the indiscriminate imposition under the pretext of effortless contact tracing?

What so compelling a reason must have forced the city government to impose such self-incriminating imposition?

Was it its inability to track down COVID-19-exposed constituents that they had to resort to “an extreme measure”?

Or, is it because it has a defective implementing policy on IATF-consistent restriction protocol to returning locally stranded individuals and overseas Filipino workers?

Did city officials consider impending unnecessary delay in traffic at the city borders, just in case? Scanning QR codes from either android phones or issued cards takes time.

Is there a contest on best COVID-19 or state-of-the-art and brilliantly designed intervention?

Are the authors of this proposal playing god?

Doesn’t this bear striking similarity to the biblical end times’ mark of the beasts — 666? Is this an incidental pre-run of this biblical prophecy?

Is this not an inadvertent and unintended response to a crisis that allows the lesser gods to gradually grip control over people?

Questions could be endless.

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