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Manila or Probinsiya?

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By Roman Floresca  Published: July 20, 2020

Let’s talk about the years that are to come as we go down the lane.

Where would you want to spend your retirement years?

Many would say, “Where I am right now.” Others would say, the provinces.

Well, whatever your choice is really up to you. I only wish to make a pitch for a probinsiyano and how life can be much easier without the frenetic jumble and glitter of living it out in the metropolis.


Breath of Fresh Air

When you wake up early in the morning what do you do?

The first thing that you do perhaps is do some stretching and muscle toning. There is not much difference between waking up here or somewhere in the provinces except that the air we breathe is a lot cleaner in the province especially if you are near the sea.

You decide to take a little walk. Better not if you are in the metropolis. Many sidewalks are non-existent and you may end up with clogged lungs. Not so if you are in the province. Air is fresh and there is no smoke from tailpipes of trucks, buses, jeepneys, and tricycles that tend to bring up the decibel of an early morning stroll.


Everyone is a Friend

You think of going somewhere, to the bakery, perhaps, to buy a loaf of bread. The people you meet may be acquaintances, say a contemporary or one or two years your senior or junior.  And then, at the bakery you may exchange notes with the owner who happens to be your friend.

Back home you have breakfast together with your family.

After breakfast you can spend your time in your backyard or in your frontyard. Of course, there is no advantage being in the province if you happen to have a metropolitan garden. But a garden in the metropolis is a rarity while it is commonplace in the province.


Food At Hand

Our own place in the province has its own garden where we grow various vegetables and some fruit trees. We have ampalaya, eggplant, okra, pechay, bungon, some tomatoes, onions, and chili. We even have malungay and papaya in abundance. As for fruits there are plenty of them – mango and santol.

In the afternoon after your siesta you can either meet your friends or visit them in their place.

Such a slow pace is common in the province. It reflects the dreariness of living in the rural area.

Now you make your choice. When you retire, are you going to be a Manilenyo or probinsiyano?


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