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Growing Old In The Time Of Pandemic

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By Boboy Yonzon Published: June 30, 2020

Seniors stay home.

It is a sentence worse than death.

This government, led by old men whose minds seem to be addled with Viagra, has made it a default action or inaction to exclude retirees and people over 60 in its equation.

Dyan muna kayo sa tabi, pagisipan namin mamaya kung ano pwede sa inyo. It is the path of least resistance.

How many cases have been there of retirees suddenly flipping over dead because of inactivity or because of the wretched feeling of uselessness or the misery of being wrested away from their dear routine and sense of purpose?


A War Out There

Of course, there is a war out there; of scale never before seen my humanity.

Old folks are commanded by the state to stay put.

There will be souls who can adapt easily. Learn how to bake, nurture indoor plants, discover spots in the house that need cleaning, bond with people at home – granting that the children have not packed and gone to their own abodes.

Growing old must have its second wind.

Old folks must not surrender to the thought that the remaining days or even two decades or more will be spent in grappling with diapers and dementia, even if stories of such seem to be commonplace and overwhelming.


Quality of Life

Age expectancy in the USA, despite in the insanity of Trump, is now age 88.

If Juan Ponce Enrile shares his secret and admits that he knew Adam and Eve, then each Filipino can expect to live more than a century. But at what quality of life?

Thus, with these questions in mind, it was serendipitous for me to get reacquainted with an old friend in communications work who claims with conviction that doctors can put him in a room full of COVID-19 patients and he would not be infected. That is how his resistance has become going on 80.

Five years or so, he could hardly walk. He used to smoke two packs a day and had lung cancer. He has had angioplasty. And his scoliosis was causing him unbearable pain. But he was of the mind that the human body has the ability to repair itself.

So today, he stands erect as a tough rod. His skin is glowing like a 45-year-old stud. He runs everyday like a stallion, with strides and a gait that have become fluid each week. His body has become so flexible that he can bend it like a hair clip, reaching his toes with much ease.


Other Than ‘Pain’

And, guys, Digong might be interested to know, this friend does not need any pill to make Manoy perform.

I will not reveal his name. Not yet anyway. I am in the process of uncovering his secrets.

No, not the names of the young hard bodies he has slept with (he professes non-interest which I take at face value), but in how he has achieved his endurance and physique in five years.

He has also gained so much lung power that he could be on stage with Andrea Bocelli. So, how?

“It is painful, pare. If you risk your life, you can do it.”

We wince at the word pain.


The ‘Hidden’ Card

There are other options, of course.

If your pockets can take the ache and say, with a smile of a Cheshire cat, that the fountain of youth is worth all the fortunes that you have.

There is the stem cell treatment, which, if rumors are to be believed, is Manong Johnny’s hidden card.

With today’s technology, stem cell treatment does not have to set you back a million bucks or so per session.

An innovation is now available in capsules that endorsers aver as effective.


Not Cheap At All

You no longer have to endure the bone marrow extraction that the “old” stem cell procedure required. But still not cheap.

So, if I aspire for an Audi 8 with a freelancer’s paltry income, I will have to conserve my coins.

I would cast my fate that indeed the body is capable of robust cell regeneration without lab work.

I would go back to my old friend and extract from him his secret of being young again. Or, how to be virus-resistant at the very least.

I will take care of the rest.

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