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Fear Tactic and Corruption

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By Raymund Junia Published: June 23, 2020

How deep has our economy been wounded by this pandemic is better understood by the numbers of big companies going to belly up if not extremely downsizing.

Worldwide, airlines have filed for bankruptcy as a way out from the massive hemorrhaging in their balance sheets.

In our country, the big three airlines went on a mass lay off in its work force.

In the land transportation sector, the country’s oldest and biggest bus company announced mass lay off, too, affecting thousands of employees.

Car and other vehicles sales are expected to go down by 50 percent.

To think that transportation is a leading need in economic growth, we can already guess what are coming in the next few years.




On the health side, people are now in the streets, many violating social distancing protocol. This triggers alarm to families deep in fear of contamination.

The use of fear tactics in the containment of the coronavirus worked for sometime until hunger started to become the bigger problem. And those afraid of dying from hunger, instead of from the COVID-19, multiply by the day.

The other problem created by this fear tactic was corruption in government services.

Testing kits were given at over P8,000 when its actual cost was less than P1,000, draining the employee health funds like the PhilHealth and hundreds of billions of funds of the government diverted to the COVID-19 solution.

Many in government tasked to relieve peoples’ miseries saw opportunities to earn billions and may now silent billionaires.

In the meantime, government loans went up by over 500 percent, triggered by the coronavirus issues.


In my last column, I explained my take on the transfer and spread of the coronavirus in provinces that had almost zero score on COVID-19 contamination.

The Balik Probinsya Project was well intentioned but poorly planned and, worse, badly implemented. Poor planning resulted in the spread of the coronavirus in Eastern Visayas and, now, in Mindanao.

From no coronavirus case, after hundreds of BP2 returnees landed in these regions, its spread reached alarming levels.

Suspending the BP2 project gives hope in these regions and in other regions.




FEEDBACK. On the issue of National Housing Authority being very inefficient, if not very corrupt, I got a text message telling me that corruption is all-pervasive in this agency.

There is no telling of what happened to the P50-billion NHA housing program for the uniformed personnel — AFP, PNP, BJMP.

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