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When Will We Get Over COVID-19?

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Unmindful, perhaps, of its irreversible lasting consequence, unbelievably everyone seemed locked in this COVID-19 “madness”. If only for the sake of tolerance, it could be sarcastically termed as such.

To underrate a dreaded disease as troubling as the coronavirus, labeled by the World Health Organization as pandemic, it is not only imprudent. This is catastrophic!

To date, anxiety and panic hover in a locality with ZERO cases and wake up one morning suddenly to a whopping 90 COVID-19 positive patients.

Is there a loophole in the existing safety and health measures? The first cases were Warays, yes, but they were returnees under the Balik Probinsya program of the government. Now, locally infected, and probably asymptomatic, individuals roam around unchecked.

Reassuringly, statistics worldwide now counts to over 7.3 million, notwithstanding about half a million reported deaths in countries globally, led by the United States, Brazil, Russia, India, Spain, Italy, Peru, Germany, Iran, Turkey, etc. US alone has recorded over 116,000 deaths in recent count.

COVID-19 has spread like wildfire in 218 territories worldwide that has is continuously devastating economies.

The coronavirus pandemic is worth the minding and attention it gets now.

The alarming figure against the total world population, the fraction appears rather insignificant. WHO and countries of the world may have likely overrated this pandemic for a valid reason: the fear of death.

Despite all this, the permanent solution may yet farfetched.

US President Donald Trump claimed COVID-19 “may just go away” even before the world discovers a vaccine. But how soon?

COVID-19 requires full government attention.

While minimum health standards had been established, businesses are gradually opening and workers return to work. The past four months has rendered many jobless or income-less, incapable of conducting respective lives back to “normal”.

There is a great effort to make the economy grind back to normal – or at least to the new normal under a safe world.

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