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Is nCov a biological warfare?

By Ismael Amigo | Published : February 4, 2020

That, in a nutshell, is the present predicament Filipinos now faces – especially those residing and working in Metro Manila – following the official announcement of the Department of Health as the agency positively confirmed a 38-year-old woman from China as positive of the scary new Wuhan strain.

At the outset is a nagging question circulating in social media if the escalation has something to do with a the development of rumored covert biological warfare laboratories identified with China.

A biological warfare expert believes the virus spread may have originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

That besides and taking this serious enough, immediately following was a declaration by a World Health Organization of an international emergency because of the seemingly unstoppable spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

In Metro Manila, where the majority of the 31 nCoV suspect patients are allegedly under strict monitoring as of this writing, medical masks sold like hotcakes or totally disappeared for the shelves. The country braces for the worst, deadliest virus originating from Mainland China.


Terrified of Chinese?

Should we be scared of Chinese many look at as potential carriers?

Filipinos in China who would want to come home are apprehensive of the 24-day quarantine imposition – 14 days in China and 14 days in the country. The Chinese who fly in arrive and leave the country without seclusion.

After vehement criticisms, after Health Secretary Francisco Duque’s recommendation, President Duterte issued an order to temporarily stop the entry of all visitors from China’s Hubei province where Wuhan — the epicenter of the novel coronavirus — is located.

Presidential spokesperson Salvador S. Panelo said the indefinite travel ban on incoming travelers from the entire province of Hubei could last until the threat is over.

The President’s order, according to Panelo, could also be expanded to cover other provinces in China depending on the recommendation of the Chinese government and WHO.


First case

DOH officials expressed fears that the Chinese woman, who tested positive of the deadly virus, may have already widely transmitted the disease where she has circulated while in the country.

From Wuhan to Hong Kong, she her travel itinerary included visits to the southern cities Cebu and Dumaguete.

Since tested positive, health officials collaborated with the carrier airline she boarded to her co-passengers, hotels, restaurants, taxis she road, and people she came in close contact with in this visit.

She was confined at the San Lazaro Hospital in Manila after testing positive for 2019-nCoV but news said her condition has improved.

Other hospitals, like the Manila Doctors Hospital, rose up to the situation by putting up its own emergency quarantine station outside its emergency section along UN Avenue. This will cater to those with flu-like symptoms. They will be tested, processed, and directed to quarantine, if needed.


Confirmed cases

As a WHO-declared global health emergency, the 2019-nCoV has already spread 18 other countries.

As of January 30, there are already 7,818 confirmed cases of the disease worldwide, where 7,736 are from China; Japan, 82, and one each from South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, the United States of America, Canada, France, Finland, Germany, United Arab Emirates, and Philippines.

Death toll in China, since the outbreak began in December, has risen to 259. The tally of confirmed infections have surged to nearly 12,000.

This is the figure China has given.


Wuhan lockdown

Considering this as a scourge, China’s central government finally jumped into action by sealing off Wuhan and surrounding Hubei province while banning travel across the nation of 1.4 billion people.

Implemented only last week, many Chinese are traveling across the country and abroad in celebration of the Lunar New Year holidays. Chinese New Year was last January 25.

In the US, where thousands of Chinese nationals reside, was not spared. There were nCoV-positive patients, too.

The US has released an advisory to American citizens barring them from going to China, urging those already there to leave.

Japan has joined the US, Britain, Germany and other nations that recommended their citizens to avoid traveling to China.


Biological warfare

Meanwhile, a biological warfare expert by the name of Dany Shoham, believes China’s deadly Wuhan virus may have something to do China’s “covert biological warfare laboratory(s)”.

Shoham said possibility is high that the virus may have originated from the virology institute in Wuhan. His statement is now going viral on social media.

It is an open secret that advanced countries like the US maintain laboratories engaged in manufacturing “biological weapons of mass destruction”.

Do we recall anthrax and salmonella-like bacteria that are both fatal when ingested or in close contact with. Both are threats to health.

Although there had been numerous unfounded health scares, there have been several whose dangers were for real.

For whatever scares you, it is verily advised by medical experts to always wash hands thoroughly before eating or after using the toilet.



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