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LABAN LANG FUMIYA: Fumiya Sankai’s lung surgery was a success!

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Former ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ Season 8 Housemate Fumiya Sankai’s lung operation was a success after a hole got removed in his right lung.

In his recent Youtube vlog, Sankai shared that he needed to undergo a lung operation after his doctors found out a hole in his right lung and there is a possibility that his left lung is affected as well.

“My lungs has butas. Kanina I was talking with doctor and then he said I have a hole. That’s why they will cut my lungs then they will remove the butas from my lungs,” he shared.

“Actually one sad thing kasi the left side also mayroong something that’s why mayroong possibility (rin) in my left lung. That’s why (I’m) sad. Bakit my lungs is like that talaga? Pero now I will focus sa operation on the right side,” he said.

In another vlog, Sankai showed a tube connected in his lung, saying, “Now this tube is inside my lungs. It’s 20 centimeters. Sometimes the tube touches my back, very masakit, very difficult to move.”

According to his family member, Sankai just got out of the emergency room safe and sound and his lung operation was successful.

We’re praying for your fast recovery, Fumi!

3 thoughts on “LABAN LANG FUMIYA: Fumiya Sankai’s lung surgery was a success!

  1. thank u lord 🙏 lord please your the power of all please help fumiya to fast recovery please lord please lord 🙏🙏🙏🙏 be strong fumi i always praying for you

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